The Team Parent

Maybe you’ve been at the office in meetings all day, and you still have to make dinner.  

Maybe you have spent your day deep cleaning the house and doing 15 loads of laundry before the kids get home, and you still have to make dinner.  

Or maybe you’re a caretaker and just left the third appointment today, and you still have to make dinner.  

On top of all that’s on your plate as a parent, you are also The Team Parent.  This means picking up and dropping off, team meetings, practice, sign up sheets, schedules, equipment, uniforms…the list goes on!  One factor of being The Team Parent is organizing the team travel.  

Traveling with the team requires organization, diligence, and time.  There are several aspects of traveling with a team, including experience and logistics.  Securing cost-effective accommodations for the team and their families can be challenging.  It’s also important for everyone to have a positive experience.  It takes a village to keep everything on track and a great way to take the stress out of team travel is to hire a travel agency!

Using a travel agency helps to ensure you and your team are getting quality accommodations at a competitive rate.  With years of experience in the industry and long lasting hotel partnerships, the right travel agency will negotiate your hotel rate along with additional amenities like free breakfast, free WiFi, meeting space, and more, all while taking the hassle of planning your team’s travel off of your plate. 

Travel Desk Inc has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of the travel industry.  Each member of the Travel Desk family has a keen understanding of the logistics of travel and will customize your travel experience to your unique needs.  

Travel Desk Inc provides one on one customer service and uses innovative technology to make the booking process seamless, allowing you to easily communicate the arrangements to the rest of your group. Using Travel Desk Inc as your team’s travel management agency will save you money and time; You’ll even have enough time to make dinner.

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